Carpool Campaign



The Utrecht startup Toogethr supports large companies in getting their employees to carpool. The basis of the Toogethr proposition is an app, which is used to create carpool rides, among other things. From Toogethr, an activation program including reward systems is offered to the companies to encourage their employees to download the app and start carpooling. The results vary. There are some customers of Toogethr where carpooling is not yet successful, these companies mainly have white-collar employees.


The campaign concept is called “Reistijd is ook tijd” (which is Dutch for “Commute time is also time”). The problem is that employees will be very busy on a working day. The message is that employees can spend their commute time effectively and in sustainable fashion by working with colleagues in the car. The concept is described on the basis of the AIDA model. 


Within this campaign there are various concept elaborations that must be designed. The Car Brainy’s, campaign poster and the interactive digital board with impact meter are shown. Based on a trend analyses of Adobe’s portfolio website Behance, it was decided to work with custom-made illustrations, since this is the trend of 2019 (Papp-Dinea, Baldean, Themes, 2019). These illustrations must be quirky, abstract, playful and fun (May, 2018).

Design and Concept:
Bram van Vulpen

Kamil Kowalczyk